Who we are

We are team of successful entrepreneurs and investors using our own capital to improve the veterinary industry. After starting several successful, multi-national businesses, we were attracted to the veterinary services industry because of the positive impact it has on pets, pet parents, and the professionals who serve them. This is an industry of compassionate professionals committed to helping those in their community.

Also, we see a broken system where too many DVMs are being distracted with administrative tasks; where newly graduating DVMs are saddled with student debt; and where a corporate consolidation trend is eliminating the individual, local care of too many great practices.

We want to help owners make sound decisions about their business and plot the best future for the practice they have spent their life building.

-Jonas, Romas, Nerijus, Oliver

The Curo difference

We will work tirelessly to preserve and protect your legacy in the community

We started in this industry to help develop and preserve the best small animal hospitals we can find in our local communities. It has taken decades in many cases for owners to build their practice and we want to above all preserve and build on that culture and position in the community.

We will roll up our sleeves and help with all aspects of day-to-day management, allowing you to focus on your clients

Curo supports key business functions that otherwise may distract you from doing the job you love.  Examples of the services that Curo provides its partner hospitals include: recruiting, purchasing,  IT, marketing, finance & accounting, renovations, equipment purchases, and more. 

We have patient, long-term capital

Curo is not a private equity firm. We are family owned with zero outside capital; all of the money we invest is our own. This allows us to be more patient than our competitors – we will never force a sale or prematurely exit from a business we partner with and will never sell to a corporate-buyer

The Curo network effect

All members of our Partnership share best-practices during annual off-sites and frequent continuing education and collaboration. The Curo Network balances practice independence with the value of information sharing.

We are flexible partners; each practice is unique and we always treat them as such

Curo is not a traditional financial investor with a narrow mandate. We are open to buying all or part of operating veterinary practices. We are able to provide equity or even lend to young DVMs if they cannot acquire a practice on their own.

We have a family philosophy

At Curo we consider all our partners, at all levels, to be “part of the family.”  Every practice in the Curo network has a voice at the table.

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